4th Annual Go-Kart Fundraiser!

Hello Friends of the Boys and Girls Club….and all you go-kart fanatics!!

We are officially accepting reservations for teams for our 4TH ANNUAL MINI-CORPORATE CHALLENGE go-kart event at New Castle Motorsports Park.

Date: Thursday, July 19th

Event: This year we will offer 2 separate races. We will start with the “Fun Race” for those less-experienced people like me. We will run the 2nd race as the “COMPETITIVE RACE” for anyone wishing to stack the deck with recruits/pros/more experienced racers, or just those that want to go for the coveted TRAVELING TROPHY!!!  We do ask that the “Fun Race” not consist of any pros.

See the attached team flyer for more specific information.   NEW TEAMS WELCOME SINCE WE HAVE TWO RACES!!!

We will take the first 15 teams for the “Fun Race” and the first 15 for the “COMPETITIVE RACE”.  Payment MUST accompany your form to guarantee you and your team(s) a spot, but definitely email me your plans/requests for teams.  Both races allow for up to 4 drivers for each team. You can definitely reserve multiple spots for multiple teams. So, if you have several staff that wish to take part, plan to split them in to teams of 4, but ultimately you could have a team of 2 or 3 if you wish.  (NOTE: we are NOT doing half teams, so partner with another company to make a team of 2,3 or 4 if you wish to take part)

Let me know what questions you have. We are hoping to make the event even better than last year, so feel free to share the flyer with any other organization you wish to challenge to take part. Looking forward to hearing from you!  Thanks for supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hancock County!!


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