Club Rental

Rental Rates:

  • $200 flat rental rate for Sports Practice
  • $400 flat rental rate for Building Rental
  • Fisk Gym, Gamesroom, and Kitchen access are only available in Building Rental

Damage Deposit Amount:

  • $100 refundable cash security deposit required at time of reservation

Rental Details:

  • Rentals must be scheduled by the 20th of the month prior to planned rental date.
  • Building Rentals will include access to the Fisk Gym, Gamesroom, Kitchen, and Main Gym. Tables and chairs are available and can be used for food service in the Fisk Gym.
  • A sports practice that is only using the Main Gym will require a flat rental rate of $200 for the entirety of the day. Access to the Fisk Gym, Gamesroom and Kitchen will be locked. No food or beverages are allowed to be served in the Main Gym.
  • A rental staff will meet the renter at the building at 8:00 am to unlock, and do a walk-through. The building cannot be left unattended, however should the rental end early, the staff can be called to be informed, and the renter can use the crash bar key to lock the doors behind them.
  • The renter will be contacted by 4:30 pm the day of their rental if they left early and there were damages.
  • Use of inflatables (e.g. bounce houses) must be approved prior to rent, and renter must provide BGCHC with a certificate of liability for $1,000,000 noting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hancock County as an “additional insured” at least one week prior to rental date in order to utilize our spaces.

Rental Policies:

  • All applicants signing rental agreement must be 21 years of age (show proof with ID if required). The applicant MUST remain in the facility for the entire timeframe that was approved upon BGCHC personnel. If the event is finished early, then contact BGCHC personnel and stay until someone arrives.
  • Alcohol, Drugs, and any Tobacco items (including electronic cigarettes, vape, pouches) are prohibited on the property. Violators are subject to prosecution.
  • The applicant agrees that if the facility or equipment is damaged in any way, the amount of repair or replacement must be paid and may jeopardize further rental opportunities.
  • The Main Gym (Ron Horning Court) was completed in October 2012 at a cost of $15,000, please note that any damages done to this court will result in the applicant being billed for exact damages. Please use only rubber soled shoes on this court. Tables, chairs, food, and drinks are not allowed to be set up in this gymnasium.
  • Applicant agrees that no signs, displays or materials will be attached to, or nailed to the floor, walls or curtains, woodwork, grounds, drives, etc., without the express written approval of BGCHC.
  • Applicant agrees that vehicles will be parked only on designated and approved parking areas. Parking is provided thanks to Greenfield Parks Department.
  • Renters are responsible for taking out all trash. Returning items used to original positions.
  • Staff is here to serve as support during an event. Not to set up or break down.
  • When the BGCHC deem necessary, the applicant must have security and a medic in attendance and those individuals must be approved in advance.
  • The applicant MUST provide BGCHC personnel with a signed Hold Harmless Contract from every participant (e.g. strictly basketball, volleyball, etc.) before those individuals are allowed to participate.
  • Any business/organization applicant MUST provide a certificate of liability for $1,000,000 noting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hancock County as an “additional insured” one week prior to rental date.

Any issues that arise prior, during, or after the rental period should be directed to Site Supervisor, Maria Borgman at (317) 462 – 2404 or via email here.