Mentorship for Youth at Boys & Girls Clubs

Youth thrive with support from a caring mentor, teacher, or guide. Someone to notice them – and their potential.

Someone Who Cares

Without a positive influence in their lives, kids can turn to negative influences and get on the wrong path. Mentors help prevent early drug use, encourage teens to pursue higher education, and promote positive mental health outcomes. Kids with positive mentors are more than 50% less likely to skip school. With our staff and volunteers, we strive to provide caring guidance and support to Hancock County kids in order to help them grow into confident, capable adults.

Someone to look up to. Someone to emulate. Someone to run to with victories big and small. For kids who lack a positive role model, we fill a gaping need. They need a word of encouragement, and, sometimes, the support to keep them from choosing the wrong path. Our staff is here to listen, to advise, to care. As they do those things, they shine a light on a new path, a brighter future for the kids that need them most.

90% of Club members say they could go to staff for help in a crisis.

According to BGCA NYOI data.

Our Stories

Engaging relationship are extremely helpful in promoting program consistency.

How effective mentoring matches can be catalysts for lasting positive change.

Caring mentors at our Clubs can guide teens on how to access resources that can help during critical times.

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