Safe Places

Young people deserve a safe environment to learn and grow.

Safe Spaces Save Lives

Today’s kids are too often faced with threats to their stability and well-being. Neighborhood and community violence is proven to lead to social, emotional, and cognitive problems, and bullying both at school and online can have a negative impact on a young person’s state of mind. When kids don’t feel safe, they can’t learn, grow, or develop resiliency that will aid them throughout their lives. We create a refuge, a second home, and a safe space where young people have the freedom to focus on reaching their full potential.

Has the world ever felt less stable for kids? Neighborhood violence threatens them. Physical and verbal abuse darkens their days. Cyberspace is a new kind of minefield, and crime rates spike in after-school hours. Kids are prioritizing survival today over aspirations for tomorrow. But we provide a refuge from the fear. Safe spaces where kids can feel secure, relax, learn – and dream.

90% of Club members say they could go to staff for help in a crisis.

According to BGCA NYOI data

Our Stories

“I am the voice. I will lead, not follow. I will create, not destroy. I am a leader. I am a force for good. I am a force for peace.” – Carlos P.

Kofi Kingston is speaking to young people in schools and Boys & Girls Clubs about how they can show tolerance and respect in their everyday lives.

Yaret emigrated from Mexico 12 years ago and is now pursuing a college education.


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